About Us

Pure, Clean, Simple

Bluestone Essentials was founded on and adheres to the basic premise that what goes onto our bodies is just as important as to what goes into our bodies.

Our founder, Michele Renee, and subsequent to being diagnosed with breast cancer, embarked on a journey to enhance her health and over-all well-being. Her life was literally transformed through alternative therapy, diet and essential oils. Michele then devoted massive research toward developing and bringing to market clean, natural, plant-based skin and body care components to include in her BlueStone Essentials product line. Her pristine products feature 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, blends, plant-based skin and beauty products and much more!

BlueStone Essentials is 100% committed to bringing you Michele’s highest quality products at affordable prices. Her essential oils are always pure; nothing is ever added, altered or taken away.


Our bath and skin care products are