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Always treat earaches seriously as infection can easily spread to the middle and inner ear.  The following suggestions are for simple earaches, which may be caused by drafts or a mild infection.  Be certain to consult your health care practitioner if you experience an earache that is regular, persistent, and/or severe.  Never poke around in the ear.

Essential Oils Needed


1 drop of Basil

1 drop of Cajeput

1 drop of Chamomile Blue

1 drop of Eucalyptus

1 drop of Lavender

1 drop of Tea Tree



Combine the above listed essential oils in a dark glass bottle, shake well to blend.  Apply 3 drops of the essential oil blend and 1 drop of olive oil to a cotton ball and place in the external opening of the ear.  Repeat 3 times per day as needed.  Never apply essential oils, either diluted or undiluted, directly into the ear.  Always use a cotton ball or a similar medium for application.


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