Summer time is full of fun and exciting activities; camping, hiking, barbecues and vacations! Mosquitos and other pesky critters can quickly cause discomfort and possibly transfer disease like West Nile Virus (which seems to be everywhere now). Rather than expose my family to toxic repellents, I choose to make my own, it’s easy, all natural and effective! Oh, and they smell great too! I’m sharing my rub on bug repellent below, enjoy!

What You Need

2 Tablespoons of a carrier oil like Avocado or Sweet Almond
Lemon essential oil – 12 drops
Peppermint essential oil – 5 drops
Eucalyptus essential oil – 3 drops

Instructions: Blend well the essential oils and carrier oil in a dark glass bottle, store in a cool, dark place. When ready for use, simply shake the bottle and rub a small amount on exposed skin. In addition to keeping the bugs at bay, this blend will nourish your skin!

Prefer a Spray? Here ya’ Go…

What You Need

One, 2 oz. Spray Bottle
1 Teaspoon of a carrier oil like Avocado or Sweet Almond
1 Teaspoon of Witch Hazel or Vodka
Lemon essential oil – 12 drops
Peppermint essential oil – 5 drops
Eucalyptus essential oil 3 drops

Instructions: In the spray bottle combine all ingredients, store in a cool dark place. Shake the bottle well before applying.