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Foot Massage


Massage from the toes to the heel, using your thumbs under the foot and using fingers on top of the foot.  You should find this to be very soothing.

All massage should be go with the flow of the body, e.g., towards the heart.

If massaging a child or invalid, use gentle, comforting effleurage motions.

After a workout, petrissage movements are useful to help keep muscles supple.  Petrissage is like the motions used when gently kneading dough.  Each movement should be slow and careful, never causing pain.  These same movements are often helpful when used on fatty areas and on backs.  They can relax the muscles, increase circulation, help lymphatic flow and aid the body in releasing toxins.  Use slight pressure on your thumbs in this movement.

Foot Massage Blend


3 drops of Lavender 

3 drops of Tea Tree 

Combine above oils in a dark glass bottle, shake well to blend. Apply 3 drops of the essential oil blend to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil such as coconut, sweet almond, olive or jojoba, and apply to the feet during massage, pay close attention to the soles, nail beds and toes.


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