300 ml Ultrasonic Diffuser


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Although essential oils may be absorbed into the body by applying topically, the best and most efficient way to take them in is through inhalation, and optimally a diffuser. Diffused oil, once inhaled, is easily and immediately absorbed and directed to every part of the body. Essential oils are used to treat many health ailments, improve cognitive ability, ease stress, anxiety, depression, and lift one’s mood and spirit. Additionally, diffused oils are an excellent way to improve any environment by purifying the air of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and filling the air with a nice fragrance.

This diffuser/humidifier has a natural looking, light colored, faux wood grain finish, features advanced ultrasonic atomization technology as well as a contemporary design, making it perfect for the home or office. No heat is used, which maintains the integrity of the essential oil(s). It diffuses for up to ten hours and then shuts off automatically.



  • Unique Faux Wood Design. This aroma diffuser and humidifier is beautiful yet practical, and has an easily removable cap.
  • Large Capacity and Great Mist Output.  It can hold up to 300 ml of water and run continuously for 10 hours. Automatic power off when water is used up, which ensures safety.
  • Time Setting. 4 time setting modes:1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/ and continuous.
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Easy To Clean
  • Just Add Tap Water and Essential Oils
  • Cool Steam
  • No Heat Involved / No Risk Of Burns
  • 2-in-1 Diffuser and Air Humidifier
  • Runs up to 10 hours
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Atomization Technology
  • Stylish Design With LED Color Changing Night Light, 7 colors and two modes can be chosen: steady on/changing color. Each color is adjustable between bright and dim.
  • Automatically Shuts Off
  • Can be used without the light
  • For Home or Office





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