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Love is a romantic and uplifting combination of Sandalwood, Rose and Neroli essential oils.This calming yet aphrodisiacal blend will embrace you with its exotic floral bouquet and, has been described by our customers as a soft, spa type scent laced with roses, quite enticing!

In addition to it’s floral scent, enjoy some of the many health benefits this blend is favored for, such as strong anti-inflammatory properties, anxiety and stress reducing, helps with eczema and much more.

  • Wear as a fragrance, adding a drop to your wrists, behind the ears or other points on the body.
  • Adding aromatherapy oils to your bath is an easy way to utilize their many benefits. Just add a few drops to your bathwater and agitate the water to disperse the oils before stepping into the tub.
  • Massage is one of the most popular methods of aromatherapy. Just blend a few drops of Love essential oil blend to a carrier oil such as almond or vegetable oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc.
  • Diffusers are also popular for aromatherapy. There are many types available and can be something as simple as a candle, dish, or electric.



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