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Gardenia is one of the most precious oils in the world and is well known for it’s sweet floral scent. The essential oil is extracted by enfleurage, due to the delicate nature of the Gardenia flower. The petals, which are the most fragrant, are soaked in fat. The fat absorbs the fragrance of the Gardenia flower and then is placed in alcohol to dissolve. The process is very labor intensive and taking many pounds of flower petals to make just one ml of oil. The hard work is well worth it as you inhale the Gardenia essential oil, the aroma is quite strong even after the intense processing the flower went through.

Gardenia is an evergreen bush  or a small tree that is part of the Botanical family of Rubiacea. The Botanical name is Gardenia jasminoides. The plant grows from  two to five feet tall and has glossy, light green leaves. Gardenia blooms are a bright white flower and may display various colors. The Gardenia plant is grown in Japan and is native to China. In the United States, Gardenia grows well in the south and west. The Gardenia has 43 species and is an original native to the tropics and subtropical regions. The Gardenia has been labeled “The White Angel” by some.


Gardenia essential oil is favored for:

  • Anti-Bacterial – Gardenia contains bactericidal properties, thereby making it useful in treating a variety of bacterial infections. Adding a few drops to a mist bottle of water and spraying on counter tops and other hard surfaces may help protect you from e-coli or salmonella.
  • Antioxidant – Gardenia is full of antioxidants and may be utilized to detox and minimize oxidative stress.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – Full of anti-inflammatory properties, Gardenia is used to help treat arthritis, rheumatism and intestinal inflammation.
  • Aphrodisiac – Gardenia oil is believed to have strong aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Mood – The sweet, soft scent of Gardenia is the perfect mood booster! Dab behind the ears, use in a massage or add to a warm bath and enjoy!
  • Skin Aging – Due to the high antioxidant level of Gardenia, it may be used to promote good skin health and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.


Additional Information

Weight 0.5oz
Botanical NameGardenia jasminoides
Method of ExtractionEnfleurage
Plant Parts UsedFlowers
Blends Well WithGardenia essential oil blends well with cinnamon leaf, citrus oils, clove bud, jasmine, neroli, rose otto, tuberose and ylang ylang.
Aromatic ScentSweet floral scent.

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  1. janetara (verified owner)

    This smells nothing like Gardenia. I wondered why it was so reasonable. Disappointed.

  2. Suzette

    Smells lovely, the sweet gardenia smell I prefer. A sweet smell reminiscent of Jasmine, IMHO. Using in my soaps. Also mixing with coconut oil, to make whipped coconut butter/oil. Love this oil!!!

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How to use

Chinese herbal medicines commonly incorporate Gardenia essential oil to treat infection. • Candles are a popular use for Gardenia essential oil for it's wonderful fragrance. The strong aroma is present whether the candle is lit or not. Add a few drops on your less scented candles for an added aroma. • Potpourri is another wonderful use for Gardenia essential oil. The dried flowers, pine cones, and other dry components absorb the flowery scent of the Gardenia. You can keep refreshing your potpourri with a few drops as needed. • Inhalation – Gardenia essential oil may be inhaled from a hot compress, hot water (steam), or diffuser. The recommended dose is ten drops for respiratory, headaches, and sinus symptoms. • Bath - While bathing with essential oils, it is best to mix them with salts or an emulsifier to aid in disbursement of the oil. Usually five to ten drops of Gardenia essential oil mixed with ½ to one cup of salt or emulsifier is best. These baths may be beneficial for skin problems, respiratory symptoms, circulatory issues, nervous tension, stress, insomnia, and muscular pain. , • Compress – Take a soft cloth and soak in a solution using ten drops of Gardenia essential oil and four ounces of hot water. Apply the compress to the affected area for a few minutes, then soak the cloth and apply again. The compress will help muscle aches, bruises, wounds, skin problems, and dysmenorrhea. • Facial Steam – Heat water in a pot then add five drops of Gardenia essential oil into the hot water. Place a towel over your head and let the steam caress your face while inhaling. This method is especially productive relieving headaches, opening sinuses and promoting facial skin health. • Massage – For a stress relieving healthy massage, add a few drops of Gardenia essential oil to a moisturizing lotion. If the lotion tends to be too cold try rubbing your hands together to generate heat prior to putting the lotion in your hands for the massage. • Direct Palm Inhalation – A quick and easy method is use one to two drops of Gardenia essential oil in your palm, rub them gently together, then inhale deeply.

Useful tips

Apply a drop or two to your wrists or behind the ears and wear as a fragrant perfume.