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Originally from China, the orange tree is now grown in many nontropical climates. As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world. The Sweet Orange, citrus sinensis, is sweet, juicy and bears a citrusy and refreshing fragrance. The sweet orange presents different sizes and shapes, it generally has ten segments (carpels) inside, and contains up to six seeds. The grainy irregular rind of the fruit can range from bright orange to yellow-orange. Orange oil is obtained from the peel through cold expression. The scent is happy and citrusy and blends well with many different oils. Orange is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, colognes, soaps and as a flavoring component in liqueurs and soft drinks.


Sweet orange essential oil is favored for:

  • Tonic – Orange is a nice tonic and works with all skin types. It brightens and stimulates oily skin and, it is also useful for dry to normal skin.
  • Anti-Fungal – When Orange is blended with other oils, it makes for a nice anti-fungal and anti-bacterial blend. Lavender and Orange are often used together to treat respiratory infections.
  • Anxiety – This oil is bright, joyful, and is often used to ease depression, stress, anxiety and irritability.


Additional Information

Weight 0.5oz
Botanical NameCitrus sinensi
Method of ExtractionCold Pressed
Plant Parts UsedRind
Blends Well WithBeing a citrus oil, it blends well with other citrus essential oils. Other than those citrus oils, orange essential oil also blends well with essential oils of Cinnamon, Cloves, Frankincense, Ginger, Black Pepper, Sandal Wood and Vetiver.
Aromatic ScentSweet Orange Essential Oil has a sweet, citrus smell much like the orange peels it is derived from, only more intense and concentrated.


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How to use

As an anti-inflammatory, and for the symptomatic relief of pain, mix several drops with your favorite carrier oil such as avocado or almond, massage into skin over the affected areas. • To experience the calming and relaxing effects of this oil, inhale from a cloth, vaporizer or diffuser. Add to a bottle of water and spray on pillowcases and sheets. • Insect Repellant -€“ Add a few drops to your favorite carrier oil and apply to several parts of your body to deter insects such as mosquitos. You may also spray on your sheets and pillow.