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For many people, a complete lack of libido or even just an occasional low libido can be a struggle and, may be attributed to medical reasons, exhaustion, stress, lack of sleep, age, or depression. Today there are many types of treatments available, however this typically means taking pharmaceutical drugs, which could have unfavorable side effects.

For thousand of years essential oils have been utilized to increase one’s sex drive. Whether it is Cleopatra dousing herself and her surroundings in rose essence to seduce Mark Antony or, eastern Maharajahs sniffing on a bunch of jasmine as they watch their courtesans dance, fragrances have had a large part to play in igniting passion and sensuality.

Romance Libido Enhancer is a beautiful and sensual aphrodisiac blend designed to uplift the senses, and elevate the mood for a passionate interlude. Apply to your heart chakra (between your breasts), between your thighs and pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears and reclaim your inner goddess and kundalini energy!


This sensual blend is created with therapeutic grade essential oils of:


Jasmine – Did you know that jasmine oil is known as an aphrodisiac oil with a powerful effect on the human senses? Its fragrance may be warm and exotic, but the jasmine flower has long been used in the art of seduction, romance and attraction.

Ylang Ylang –  which means “flowers of flowers,” has the very lovely ability to move energy. It’s soothing and calming to the mind while increasing your sensual side

Sandalwood – In India, sandalwood oil is like a king. It is a highly prized oil that is used for spiritual ceremonies and meditation. But beneath its sweet, woody scent, did you know that this essential oil has sensual properties, too? And yes, it can be soothing, but also enticing and erotic at the same time, which can affect your mood in a good way.

Patchouli – The good things about patchouli are that it calms anxiety, helps lift the spirit, improves clarity and attracts sexual love. This essential oil also balances libido levels by working its magic on your and her endocrine levels to guarantee a good time in bed.


How to Use


  • May be used as a fragrance to attract a love interest or use in massage to enhance intimacy.
  • Wear as a fragrance to attract a love interest; apply a drop behind the ears, between the breasts and on the wrists.
  • Enhance intimacy through massage; Add a few drops to a carrier oil (massage oil) such as almond or jojoba and apply liberally. 
  • Enhance intimacy; Apply to your heart chakra (between your breasts), between your thighs and pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears.
  • To relax and calm the body and mind; Add 8 – 10 drops to a warm bubble bath and soak.
  • Add several drops to your Ultrasonic Diffuser and place on a dresser or night stand.





Additional Information

Aromatic ScentBeautiful floral scent! Take in the lovely aroma of Jasmine with undertones of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.


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