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Ylang ylang is a quick growing, evergreen tree native to the Philippines and Indonesia but most commonly farmed in the Comoros Islands, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The tree grows at a maximum potential of 15 feet a year and plateaus at 40 feet in ideal conditions. The leaves are oval shaped with a pointed tip and feel smooth and look glossy. The flowers are droopy with a long stalk and 6 greenish-yellow petals. The tree prefers the acidic soil of a rainforest, its natural habitat.


Ylang Ylang 3 essential oil is favored for:

  • Is supportive of the hormone/glandular, and adrenal glands.
  • Anti-depressant – Ylang Ylang is considered to have antidepressant properties and is used to drive away anxiety, sadness, depression and stress.
  • Antiseptic – Considered to be antimicrobial, Ylang Ylang is used to protect wounds from infection and speed up the healing process.
  • Sleep Aid – This oil may promote restful sleep and thus aid in alleviating insomnia.
  • Skin and Hair Care – Used to promote healthy skin and hair.
  • Aphrodisiac – Used to spice up ones sex life.
  • Anti-bacterial – Ylang Ylang is used for its antibacterial properties to treat infections such as respiratory, intestinal, skin and urinary tract.


Additional Information

Weight 0.5oz
Botanical NameEpimedium
Method of ExtractionFractional distillation
Plant Parts UsedFlowers
Blends Well WithBlends well with Bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, sandalwood, rose, clary sage, jasmine and neroli.
Aromatic ScentSweet, floral, exotic and spicy.


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How to use

Use in a diffuser. Just put a few drops in a diffuser/burner to help relieve anxiety, tension and stress. It's also good if you are just generally feeling physically exhausted. • You can put a few drops in a hot bath to help promote relaxation, relieve tension, stress or just general irritability. This method is also good for fatigue, exhaustion and especially insomnia. It's a good idea to mix the drops in a small amount of milk first (essential oils mix better with fats) and then add to the bath. • Make use of Ylang Ylang's skin balancing properties and blend into a cream or lotion to help with either overly dry or overly oily skin. • Use this oil on it's own or as part of a blend in a carrier oil for aromatherapy massage. This can be especially helpful with tension, stress and insomnia.

Useful tips

Ylang Ylang has a calming and euphoric effect, and may be helpful in dealing with anxiety, tension, palpitations, panic and shock.